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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Did you know that 91% of consumers look online before making purchasing decisions?

WordPress SEO

And now, every click, every search, every tweet is an opportunity to engage your customers and reach new prospects. Internet Marketing should be part of your marketing campaign in 2013.

We understand where you are coming from. You want more sales, better-qualified leads, and greater visibility. And, you don’t have any more extra hours in the day to make it happen. We can help. Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Service offer full-service web marketing dedicated to providing turn-key services for businesses and organizations looking for more traffic to your web site.

SEO is an essential part of any marketing campaign, but as part of the Google push for quality on the web, the SEO landscape has changed. Penguin and Panda have created an online environment hostile to unnatural links, spam, and poor quality content. So these days, it’s important to have an SEO strategy in place that reflects these changes. Read on to find out how to make sure that your web presence follows the new marketing rules for SEO.

Audit your Links

If there is one thing Google really hates post Panda and Penguin is dodgy spammy links. Having these types of links can earn you penalties and negatively impact your search engine position. So a link audit is essential to identify and clear out the links that are doing you no favors. To identify bad links from good links, view the sites your links are on. Google penalizes unnatural links on un-trusted sites, so if the site doesn’t look credible, appears spammy, or is of poor quality it’s not likely to be a good link. To remove bad links, you will need to send a link removal request to the host sites.

Keyword Research

The backbone of an SEO marketing strategy involves research to identify the right keywords. So you will need to know which keywords already rank for your website or blog to assess demand competition. If you use high ranking keywords in competitive fields, then improving your position should involve targeting lesser known terms. It’s also important to bear in mind that search results are also becoming more localized – so if you rely on local trade as a car dealer in Hampshire, then a local keyword strategy can be very useful. A digital agency can help you identify the best keywords to use.

Guest Posting

Writing guest posts on other people’s blogs or websites is still considered an effective way to build both links and traffic. Google recognizes good quality guest post links as natural and valuable, but as of July 2013, they have warned against ‘large scale guest posting.’ The key here, then, is to limit the amount of guest posts you make and stay focused on the quality. To do this, you should make sure you target the right kinds of sites, and are able to provide well written, unique and authoritative articles. Sites for your guest posts should;

  • Provide authority in your particular field
  • Feature articles of good quality
  • Have an engaged readership
  • Be active on social media

Create Content Users Want to Share

No matter what you are talking about, the emphasis now is on providing value for the reader. So your content should be well written, unique, and of real use to the reader. Following this rule will help the search engine algorithms not only to find you, but to encourage readers to share your content, creating more valuable and natural links to help your campaign.

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Press Release

mosaic press release, printing, seo, website designBranford, Connecticut August 28, 2013 Technology News
(PRLEAP.COM) Branford, Connecticut August 28, 2013 (PRLEAP.COM) Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services expands its menu of services to include SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization, (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. In general, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results page (SERP), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

Al Canosa, Managing Director said “Mosaic Web Site Management System allows our clients to improve visibility of their web sites, streamline website maintenance and online marketing efforts. Our goal is to assist our clients in getting their message out into public view and grow their business.”

Mosaic now offers three methods for clients to communicate their message. Traditional print and direct mail method, signage interior and exterior method and now Internet marketing via SEO and web site design.

“We understand the value of offering our clients the latest technology in regards to getting their message into the market place and develop their business.” said Al Canosa

With the addition of SEO, Mosaic now offers a complete marketing solution for its clients.

About Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services:

Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services utilizes the most current technology and equipment to provide high-quality products quickly and cost-effectively. Products and services include: high-end, full color offset and digital printing, exterior and interior signage, mailing service, lead acquisition, web to print technology, direct marketing services, Internet Marketing via SEO, Web Site Design, and Web Site Maintenance.

For information, contact Al Canosa, Mosaic Printing, Signage & Marketing Services, 203-483-4598, Or visit our web site,

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Albert Canosa
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You Have to Earn Them

I was stuck in traffic the other morning going to work. The right lane was closed for construction so the approaching vehicles were all corralling into the left lane.

The vehicle in front me was a delivery truck for a local business called Twins. I’ve seen these trucks before, but I never looked too closely at the logo on the back. Funny what five minutes of stop and go traffic makes you notice.

The logo is nothing special. A circle with an illustration of the two founders — heads and shoulders only similar to a bust — but it was the line below them that caught my attention.

Trust Twins

It’s as simple of a line as you can think of. Trust Twins. Trust our product. Trust our service. Trust us.

This phrase really stuck with me because of its transparency but also because of its ambition. Getting your customers to trust your products and brand is one of the most essential components for success. Essential, and yet oftentimes, the most difficult.

For small business owners, gaining the trust of customers and clients can make or break your bottom line. Just think about the places of business you frequent yourself. Why are you loyal to that brand or keep returning? Why do you recommend the company to a friend? Because you trust they will not only have the product or service you are looking for, but also trust you will be treated with respect. You trust that your presence and dollar is valued.

On the other hand, it’s incredibly easy to lose your customers’ trust by making mistakes. This can be anything from not delivering on a promise you made to not being honest with your customers or providing bad customer service.

So let’s look at some ways you can immediately start earning loyalty with customers.

Learn From the Big Boys

Okay, not everyone’s business will be as big as Coca Cola, Amazon or Apple, but that doesn’t mean you can’t study how they gain customer loyalty. In many cases, these companies have risen and stayed on top not because of sales or share in the marketplace, but because they have made it a priority to establish relationships and trust with its customers.

Former global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble Jim Stengel said, “we’re seeing more of an emphasis on brands building emotional relationships with consumers because it’s powerful and it works.”

Need examples? Amazon, arguably the most trusted brand in America, earns its customers’ loyalty and trust by offering low prices, free shipping on many orders and a convenient check-out system so customers can shop and buy hassle-free.

Southwest Airlines breaks all conventional rules of the airline industry by not charging for checking bags to offering open seating and even having fun and engaging flight attendants who impersonate Elvis or sing the safety directions before take-off.

Prove You Trust Your Customers 

Trust is a two-way street so before you can expect customers to trust your brand or product, they need to feel like you trust them. There are a number of companies that have success because they established trust with customers by first proving they believe in their customers.

High end department store Nordstrom has a reputation for offering great customer service by trusting customers returning items. In fact, the store was rumored to have taken back a set of snow tires despite never selling tires in the first place.

And while this story is somewhat a myth, Nordstrom has gained the trust of its customers by promising to accept items the customer claims are defective, no questions asked. And they deliver on that promise.

Realize Trust Takes Time

Building loyal relationships and trust with your customers doesn’t happen over night. Earning trust is not about doing something right one time. It’s about proving yourself over and over again with every customer who walks through your doors.

This includes making sure you are doing your job well day in and day out. From creating great products or offering exceptional services to being innovative in your field and keeping your promises, building trust happens across multiple platforms over consecutive months and years.

Don’t lose patience. Customers notice when companies deliver on promises, but more importantly, they notice more when companies fail to deliver. Study companies that consumers trust, as well as companies that have lost the trust of the public so you can begin developing quality relationships that keep your customers coming back time and time again.

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Your COMPETITIVE EDGE is our Passion at Mosaic Printing Signage and Marketing Services

Everyone in your company, from the summer intern to the CEO, has opportunities to communicate with individual customers. But few companies understand how to leverage these one-to-one marketing opportunities.

Twenty years ago, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, in their book, The One to One Future, introduced the term “one-to-one” marketing. Peppers and Rogers suggested that by interacting with customers and customizing your product or service for each of them, you create loyal customers.

Websites and data-driven marketing campaigns have become more targeted and dynamic, but most companies have been unable to implement true one-to-one marketing at scale. This is not surprising. Few companies have the know-how to do this. But this doesn’t mean that startups should ignore one-to-one marketing. Such individualized interactions can create loyal customers and help improve your business.

One-to-one marketing also doesn’t have to take a ton of time and resources. If done smartly, you can find missed opportunities that have been right under your nose.

An effective way to build one-to-one marketing into your business is to find opportunities to promote your customers. For example, a few years ago, I realized that featuring profiles of our customers in our blog would give them an opportunity to reach a bigger audience. Several times each month, we would publish a short Q&A interview with one of our customers. We soon recognized our customers had valuable insight about their industry and the challenges that they could share with our community.

By providing something valuable and unexpected, we created loyal customers. But we also used each conversation to ask what could I do to improve our service. We gain incredibly valuable insight from these conversations. You can easily do something similar with your customers.

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Your SUCCESS is our Passion at Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services

A decade ago, your company website might have been a kind of digital brochure with some basic contact information.

These days, a successful digital presence is a living, breathing, meaningful experience–rooted in inspiration, customer empathy and clear utility. Your goal is to provide real value to prospects and customers by anticipating their needs, giving them a reason to do business with you and fostering their loyalty to your brand.

The problem is that creating a great web experience is easy in theory but difficult in practice, if only because there’s so much that can be done. Broad, generalized web content doesn’t resonate with visitors. So, how do you tailor your content to fit specific needs?

The answer is by looking not just at customer demographics but at behavior. Standard demographic data doesn’t cut it anymore, instead, you should be building example profiles of people who influence or make decisions about what you’re selling. Marketers call these “buyer personas,” and they can be enormously helpful in persuading potential customers to choose you over a competitor.

You need to be one of them. So consider not only who your ideal customers are (job title, industry, location or company size) but also how they live and work. Are they on the road a lot? Are they online? Offline? Where do they get information? Who influences the decisions they make? Which blogs do they read?

Other questions to consider: What associations do they belong to?

What events do they attend? Which social networks do they rely on? Do your twenty something prospects poll their friends on Facebook and Twitter, read recommendations on Yelp or browse Pinterest? What factors might they consider before pulling the trigger on a purchase?

There are ways to get this information, starting with asking. You could telephone a few customers (both happy and grumpy) and interview them; you might also query current prospects. Talking in person or by phone is best, but you can also gather information via a free survey tool like

Essentially, knowing who you are selling to–and why and how they buy–makes your job a whole lot easier.

Insightful buyer personas can inform strategies for messaging or content marketing, product launches, ad campaigns and sales alignment. The key is to think of such customer insight as your secret weapon: When you know when, how and why buyers look for an answer to the problems that you address, that knowledge is a significant source of competitive advantage for your business.

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