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We Offer You What Other Marketing Agencies Cannot

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Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire offers unique, value-added services to your business that embraces today’s virtual world without walls way of doing business and saves your company a substantial amount of money. A primary offering of Mosaic is in becoming your Business Marketing Department for Hire, without your needing to hire a dedicated, full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or VP of Marketing.The immediate benefits are less payroll (six figures or so for a dedicated CMO or VP of Marketing), no additional office space and no need to extend benefits to another employee in-house. Mosaic’s experienced marketing professionals become part of your team. Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire learns your business inside and out, and we work closely with you to launch strategic, targeted marketing and advertising programs to grow your business and create measurable plans to achieve your goals.

Focus Questions

  • Do you need help with developing marketing plans because you do not know where to start with defining marketing goals?
  • Do you need an experienced partner to help with creating a new brand and introducing it to market?
  • Do you realize the need to refresh an existing brand that has been around for a while and has, or is at risk of going stale?printy services
  • Are you discovering that there are communication issues within your business when dealing with customers?
  • Do you know who your target customers are and the best way to reach them?
  • Do you have metrics in place to measure your progress and determine if your marketing program is successful?

We will become your trusted partner with a unified goal – your company’s success!


Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire is here for you and your business. In short, no matter what marketing needs you have, Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire is here and ready to manage your marketing program and help you increase your sales revenue today.Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire specializes in brand development and marketing strategy, which also includes developing and enhancing your social media presence, website optimization, print advertising, direct mail programs and graphic design and literature services. It isn’t as easy in today’s technology-driven, constantly changing environment to reach customers. Mosaic works with you to change that and make your goals achievable.Mosaic is always learning new ways to change with the times and be more innovative with our approaches. We are regularly updating our techniques and methods when designing a marketing strategy for your business. Our team removes the entire burden of planning, developing and implementing your marketing program from your hands, which will allow you to run your business while we design your successful marketing plan from start to finish. Your success is our primary and singular goal, and we will employ all of our resources and knowledge to developing your marketing plan, which will show positively in your businesses’ bottom line.
Business Brands
Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire will create a strong foundation for your entire marketing program and transform it to greatness. Brand development starts with a consistent brand image. Mosaic begins by examining how your brand looks and interacts with your customers, and we study how your brand interacts with potential customers to determine how your business is perceived and what information it communicates in the marketplace.Mosaic focuses on building a brand for your business that helps develop meaningful and trusting relationships with your customers and grow your business. We work with already existing brands as well, and we will help you transform your company brand or develop your business brand in an entirely different direction as you establish, refine or replace lines of business.

Mosaic provides traditional marketing and internet (digital) marketing services that allow your business to stand out with a cohesive and strong brand identity in a very crowded marketplace.


Website Optimization

What does your existing website say about you and your business? Does it portray you as an authoritative source of information that consumers can trust or does it confuse them with mixed or vague messages? Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire will work with you to design or redesign your website. Mosaic uses the science behind website optimization to balance your content and utilize strategic keywords, so your site is listed higher in the search engines. Mosaic will work with you to design a website focused on delivering your targeted message to site visitors and further reinforce your business brand in their mind as the go-to business for them. Mosaic will also work with you to improve or rework an existing website and improve your existing business’s brand.

Social Media

Engaging consumers on social media is an area of brand development and should be approached with the same care and consideration. How you interact and engage with consumers on social media platforms, and how you nurture the leads that come in from social media is key to how your company’s brand is perceived in the marketplace. Your engagement with consumers on social media will, in today’s marketplace, have a direct impact on your bottom line. Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire will work with you, developing and managing your social media platform, so each encounter optimizes your consumer engagement and further bolsters your brand identity as the go-to company customers choose when making a purchasing decision.

Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire will create a strong foundation for your entire marketing program and transform it to greatness – David Cutler

A few Social Media platforms to consider:the road to success

  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Customer engagement is your goal with social media, where you can share content with people who are looking for services and products your business offers and who are interested in learning more. Used properly, social media can be used as a means of directing consumers to the information they need to resolve a pain point or address a need in their lives or in their business.

Communicating with consumers on social media platforms is the best way to nurture leads, inform, direct and reinforce your company brand in their minds. Mosaic’s Marketing Department for Hire will work with you to develop a social media presence where you can engage and solidify your brand in the minds of consumers and reinforce your company as the one they should be doing business with.

Inbound Marketing

Developing an effective marketing plan and strategy, establishing or revising your business’s brand, engaging consumers on social media platforms to communicate and optimizing your business’s website are all necessary, but your marketing strategy doesn’t end there. How do you handle the incoming leads now that consumers are finding your website, engaging your business on social media platforms and wanting more information?

How you turn these leads into new customers is the goal of inbound marketing, and Mosaic will work with you to develop processes that drive sales for your business and encourage repeat sales.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the core components of an inbound marketing program:

  • Marketing plans and overall strategy

    Stand out from the crowd

    Stand out from the crowd

  • Brand development
  • Website design and optimization
  • Social media platforms

Mosaic’s Marketing for Hire Department will work with you to establish and develop, or refine, these processes.

Mosaic will also work with you closely to

  • Create conversion strategies
  • Plan and implement targeted content marketing programs
  • Establish metrics and analytics specific to your goals
  • Chart and measure growth and sales strategies

Mosaic’s goal is always to work with you to develop effective marketing plans that will consistently improve your business’s sales.

Advertising and Graphic Design

Mosaic also offers you what many marketing agencies cannot – direct, hands-on assistance with advertising and graphic design services and literature for your organization’s printed marketing materials. Mosaic’s Printing Services Division will work with you to establish or improve your company’s appearance in print, which has an enormous impression on consumers and a direct reflection on your company’s brand.

Graphic design is a core ingredient in your company’s marketing efforts. Mosaic has an experienced, dedicated graphics department that can work with you on:

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Direct mail
  • Handouts
  • Logo creation or redesign
  • Posters
  • Sell sheets
  • Signage
  • Traditional marketing materials
  • … and more!

Mosaic is your one-stop source for all your marketing needs, and we work from you from start to finish with an eye for consistency and quality, and proven methodologies to develop and reinforce your company’s brand in the eyes of the consumer. Part of any quality marketing plan should be to have professionally designed, quality collateral materials – Al Canosa

When you are ready to expand your marketing messages, Mosaic will still be there for you. Mosaic is a full-service agency and we can create additional advertising messages that target consumers. We have experience with and can assist you with AdWords campaigns, radio and television advertisements, email marketing services, signage and strategic billboard messages.

Mosaic provides traditional marketing and internet (digital) marketing services that allow your business to stand out with a cohesive and strong brand identity in a very crowded marketplace.

Initially, this might be a lot to digest, but Mosaic will break it down into manageable steps so that it all becomes clear. We have developed best practices for how we engage and work with clients, and we will become part of your marketing team in an organized, calm, focused and non-disruptive manner. We communicate with you, and your employees, so that you never feel left out of the loop or out of control with what’s going on. We will become your trusted partner with a unified goal – your company’s success! Contact us today to discuss our processes and how we will assist you with your marketing and advertising needs.