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The Days of SEO Schemes Are History

Today it’s all about your web presence not just your “Website”. The days of SEO schemes, Black Hat or even Gray Hat tricks designed to exploit a “Loop Hole” in a search engine’s algorithm by force feeding it links and or  by stuffing keywords down its throat are gone. People that have gained traction and a high-rank for web pages by using these methods have found themselves reeling, scratching their heads wondering why their clients websites have suddenly become temporarily worthless and no longer productive.

I’ve previous spoke about the Penguin algorithm update that caused many a Webmaster to lose their contacts.

Personally I like what’s happening because it makes the Internet a more credible place.

Social Media Is An Important For SEO

Search engines are getting much smarter. They’re a more reliable source to precisely find just about anything you need and want to know. In order to achieve a reliable search result, the search program, which is an algorithm designed to weed out poorly developed websites, must continue to learn and adapt with regular updates.

The most recent Google update code named Hummingbird, will reward your hard work even more than  Panda did. Websites will prosper if they are informative, authoritative, always up to date and have a good following of website backlinks..

When I’m finished writing this article, much more will happen than just pressing the Publish button. I will be uploaded to Feeds for syndicated, spun then added to many article directories and bookmarked to social media Websites such as Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Google Plus.  Thousands more people will have access t0 this article and it will have contextual links pointing to specific pages on this website increasing the number of quality backlinks.

When It Comes To Backlinks More Is Not Better

Less than a year ago and before Panda, getting your clients on page 1 mostly required lots and lots of Backlinks . It didn’t matter what type of website the links were coming from or how quickly you got them and Getting them was even easier via link farms by purchasing hundreds at a time. Quality and relevancy was not a factor.

With this recent Humming update, Backlinks are useless if they’re not from a high-quality, relevant website and its backlink quality has an impact on your site’s rank as well.

It’s More Than Just About PageRank

Let’s sum up what a search engine’s Spider is looking for when it visits your website. It reads the URL (, the Title Tag, the other Meta Tags, the Content and the Headings, Keywords, Visitor Trends, Internal link structure and so on, this is called the On-Page-SEO component. This information is sent to another program called the Index. The Index contains the search algorithm we just spoke about. It will makes the decision for where a web page will rank based on a keyword search. The Index also considers the results of another algorithm called PageRank, it was designed by Larry Page one of Google’s founders and is a complex calculation of a web page’s Backlinks.

Many factors are considered for a search result. You can have a high PageRank and still have a poorly performing website.

SEO Is An Ongoing Process

  • Monitor trends with analytic software
  • Make adjustments that Webmaster Tools suggests
  • Update regularly with fresh content
  • Bookmark content to social websites
  • Write informative articles with contextual links to your site’s pages

Like anything else you get back what you put into it.



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