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legal graphics

Our high quality printing is perfect for legal graphics and trial exhibits. Our exceptional high resolution color output and superior accuracy can produce stunning trial graphics where even the smallest details are razor sharp. Combined with our wide variety of printing materials and quality finishing services, such as lamination and mounting, we are able to offer the highest quality available, while meeting your toughest deadlines and budgets. We have many options for legal graphics that are fade resistant, waterproof and scratch resistant so they will survive a fair amount of abuse, while being economical enough for short term use.

Good graphic design combines words, images and symbols into a coordinated whole that communicates a thought, to inform, to educate, or to persuade an audience. Legal graphics play a critical role in helping you tell your story by crystallizing these key themes and concepts. An effective design and layout not only captures the reader’s attention, but it leads him through a series of steps to understand and interpret your message to form a lasting impression.

Convey Complex Concepts With Straightforward Designs

Graphic design is a combination of technical skills and artistic creation. Let us show you the difference good graphic design can make in winning your case. Depend on Mosaic Graphic Designers to simplify your complex information and create compelling legal graphics that make your subject matter more interesting and easier to understand.
legal 4Mosaic Graphic Designers are adept at identifying key concepts and applying the many principles of design including, balance, emphasis, movement, rhythm, contrast, proportion, and unity. Educated in information design, graphic design, communications, advertising, and marketing, our graphic designers and art directors translate complex trial presentation information into straightforward legal graphic designs. These principles, when combined with planning and technical knowledge of visual communication, results in compelling legal graphics that convey a message in a visually pleasing and persuasive manner.

Our professionals work with your trial team and expert witnesses – providing a helpful “layperson” perspective – to interpret and translate the intricacies of your case. This leaves you free to focus on litigating your case. We take into account your style and preferences, as well as your audience and the information to be communicated, to create custom legal graphics and visual courtroom presentations that help you achieve a more favorable outcome.

Mosaic Signage is a sign company can provide for you the best quality signage out there for prices you can’t beat!legal 2

Custom make your signs with Mosaic graphics design personnel.

Feel free to call our customer service representatives with any questions. They will be happy to assist you on your way to success!

Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services

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Branford, CT 06405


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