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Any Image, Any Size, Anywhere: Mosaic is a Signage Company

Becoming a SUCCESSFUL small business these days is no easy feat, and I know this because I see it every day here in Branford, CT. A store front down town will open up with very minimal signage and new products in the window only to close their doors a mere few months later.billboard 2

One cannot just have homemade signage and expect to sell quality products any more. Just because you have the best product and the heart to sell it, does not mean people are going to give you the time of day. The truth is, Americans want things in bulk, and they want those bulk items cheap. Big box stores provide exactly that. Walmart carries the equivalent to almost every product that the locally owned businesses down town carry, and probably for at least a couple of dollars less. So it is no shock that small town’s all over the country have empty, window-shattered buildings with a Super Walmart and a packed parking lot. The same could be said for Target, JCPenney, Big Lots, etc.

What I’m trying to say is that the small business owner now has to work harder. Get creative. Figure it out.

Stop settling for bad signage! It can be done.HPG_AnyImage_AnySize_AnyWhere

Marketing these days involves so much (Billboards, S.E.O., Social Media, T.V. Commercials, etc) that can get pretty high up there in costs, and when you are a small business owner, you simply cannot do it all. If your budget leaves you with just the right amount for some excellent signage, then take advantage of it!

Regardless of how far advanced we become with technology and internet marketing, at the end of the day, we are still visual beings. And I don’t care how many awesome promos, commercials and tweets I’ve seen from Target; if a small business has one heck of an awesome sign, then I’m going to go in and check it out.

The customer is not ALWAYS about pinching every penny. If that were truly the case, people would only shop at Walmart instead of Target, saving several dollars for each transaction. Customers want an experience, and it starts with their eyes on your prize, which is the business sign.

Sit down with people who are creative and really take advantage of the design process. If you are not creative yourself, consider looking into recommended graphic design services. Please, PLEASE don’t use a black marker and a bright pink piece of card stock as your signage. You’d be surprised how many times I’ve seen that. Signage like that show me how much the business owner actually cares about their product.

Feeling inspired now? Ready to design some new signage and grow your small business?keep them happy

Mosaic Signage is a Sign Company can provide for you the best quality signage out there for prices you can’t beat! Custom make your signs with graphics design personnel.

Feel free to call our customer service representatives with any questions. They will be happy to assist you on your way to success!

Mosaic Printing, Signage and Marketing Services
250 West Main St
Branford, CT 06405
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