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Who uses the Word Press platform?

Word Press is extremely popular as the foundation for a large percentage of websites right now. In fact, 60 million blogs use the Word Press platform in countries around the world. About 41 million new comments are posted monthly to these sites. And, on an average, 34 million new posts occur monthly on this popular platform. What is even more impressive is the fact that more than 3.5 BILLION pages are viewed monthly by over 386 million people.

Companies of all sizes use this platform, ranging from small start-ups to international conglomerates. Companies include news-related CNN, NBC Sports, Forbes, Reuters, MacLeans, and the New York Times. Fortune 500 companies that use Word Press platforms include General Motors, United Parcel Service (UPS), Volkswagon, Sony and eBay. Other well-known users include the National Football League, Tech Crunch, 9 To 5 Mac, ElleGirl, StyleWatch, Modelinia, Katy Perry, MP.3, and Lollapalooza. That just names a few of the powerful companies who find this platform valuable to the success of their enterprise.

Why is Word Press popular?

It is run by people wanting to share the joys of free writing and online technology. Known as freeware, the technical support is provided by highly skilled volunteers who willingly share knowledge and insight to improve user’s experiences. Word Press is known for its excellent customer service. In addition to being able to freely communicate with developers, users can learn through tutorials and multistreaming video lessons.

It is easy to use
Word Press takes pride in offering a quick, convenient and easy way to start blogs and/or websites. If you use its servers, simply update your content and the software takes care of formatting and HTML concerns. Every theme includes an easy-to-use dashboard that makes updating and changing your site an easy task. Even if you doubt your website development skills, Word Press makes tasks like editing content and adding new pages easy to accomplish.

It is budget friendly

Using a Word Press platform can be one of the best things you do for your company’s budget. It depends upon whether you choose to operate your Word Press site on their server or your own. If you choose to operate your site on the Word Press server, there is no charge. By doing this, though, your website address may have in it. This will let others know you are using the Word Press server. You cannot beat the cost, though.

If having your own business website is important, you may decide to host it yourself or host it on another server. This gives you more control over your Word Press site. When you do this, your website will be on the platform. It is your responsibility to find an appropriate server that meets your needs and budget. What is a comfort to know is the fact that if you start your blog using the free platform, the company makes it very easy to transfer your blog onto another host server. You just need to choose from any number of  Word Press-friendly hosting companies to do this.

With so many benefits provided by using the Word Press platform, your business will be losing its competitive advantage by not taking advantage of this powerful medium.

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