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We all need more customers, Mosaic can help


To grow your business in this information-driven world, you need to keep customers and continually win new ones.

We offer a full range of customer acquisition services — from mailing list selection and acquisition to weaving the newest developments and trends into your marketing mix.  Our goal is to help you acquire, grow and retain high-value customers.

Whether your business plan includes Sales Letters to Business Managers, Direct Marketing to Consumers, Email Marketing, Newsletter Marketing or Postcard Marketing, Mosaic has the experience and tools to make your list acquisitions affordable – while also ensuring these strategies will have a positive influence on your ‘bottom-line.’

Target Lists to Grow your Business

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We will meet your needs as you grow or as you test new ideas. map-list-acquisition-direct-mail From beginning to end, we are part of your direct marketing solution.

More advantages of working with The Mosaic Team:

  • Address standardizing
  • Address clean up
  • Intelligent Mail® barcode
  • Complete database management 
  • List Profiling - Utilize more than 30 demographic data points to identify common denominators that define your key customers
  • List Segmentation - Isolate customer data into groups
  • List Hygiene - Maximize response and postal discounts using clean list information that has been de-duped, merged/purged, is CASS certified and is cross-checked against the National Change of Address database (NCOA)
  • Response Tracking and Reporting - Measure response with tools such as trackable phone numbers, personalized URLs, business reply cards (BRC) and more
  • Direct Mail Testing and Refinement - Optimize your marketing efforts using learned information through testing

Mosaic Consumer/ Target List


The Consumer/Target List is one of the largest of its kind in the industry, and is compiled specifically for direct marketing purposes.

The Consumer/Target List is an aggregate file of Resident List containing 150 million addresses. It also includes dozens of response-based sources and trusted, compiled, multi-sourced data, as well as the Apartment List, with over 15 million apartments.

The core of the file is compiled from public records, courthouse records, real estate data, phone directories, consumer surveys, self-reported data, purchase transactions and the US Census data.

The file contains approximately 200 million US consumers and features over 170 variables, such as: typical demographics, buying habits, lifestyle interests, reading subscriptions and much more.

The list is refreshed monthly with new data and new list sources. We are constantly seeking new data elements to enhance the quality of the end product. The file is vigorously cleaned and put through an extensive hygiene regime including, but not limited to: DPV®, DSF®, NCOA®, LACS®, Deceased File Processing, Mail and Phone Suppression.

Our Lists are simply the best in the industry and we pride ourselves on data quality as well as quantity. Here are the specifics:

  Approximate Size

  • 200 million individuals
  • 150 million deliverable addresses
  • 120 million households


  • Over 170 selects (specific data elements) can be used for precise targeting.
  • Demographic, geographic, lifestyle & behavioral selects available.

Selects Available

170 total selects on the file.

  • Demographic: Age, Income, Gender, Ethnicity, and Education.
  • Lifestyle: Homeowner, Children
  • Transactional: Credit Card Types, Credit Active, and Mail Order Choices.
  • Real Estate: Home Value, Mortgage Information, Pool, Heating Type.
  • Interest: Hobbies, Reading Choices, Music Taste, Sports Interests.

Quality Assurance

  • Entire file is processed through NCOA®, CASS™ certification, Address Standardization, Deceased scrub.
  • The file meets all DMA privacy and security compliances.
  • No SSN’s, Credit Card Information, FICO Scores or Driver’s License Data are kept on file – this provides for a high level of protection from identity theft.
  • The files are housed in a state-of-the-art facility with electronic security throughout.
  • Our Information Systems owns its own building that was custom-built for security purposes.
  • The data storage facility is equipped with the latest file server technology and serviced by multiple redundant, fast data-pipes to the Internet. Every measure is used to ensure data and facility security.

Data Guarantee

We are serious about ROI for our customers. While no targeted Consumer list is perfect, we strive to get as close as possible. We stand behind a guarantee that our Consumer data comes with the highest level of deliver ability available anywhere.

We take our data quality very seriously and appreciate any assistance our customers can provide us in investigat­ing returns and undeliverable. We know that industry norms for Consumer data typically run in the 90% deliverable range – we take that a step further. We guarantee our list deliver ability is at least 94% or better.

When we discover data quality issues we react immediately. After verifying a data error we quickly remedy the quality issue through an internal user interface designed specifically for identifying and rectifying data issues. We encourage all of our customers and business partners to provide us with as much feedback as they can so we can proactively fix data quality issues.