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Mosaic Website Audit

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Baseline Reporting - 

Baseline reporting is the process of creating a baseline or starting place for your SEO Formula for Success. This stage is a compilation of several different reports that will help you select keywords, take note of necessary programming changes, check your current keywords for SEO strength and clue you in on what your competitors are during.

Included Reports:

  • Website Audits
  • Meta Tag Research
  • Reviewing your current content for SEO strength
  • Researching Keywords for your campaign
  • Providing you with an analysis of your competitors


Website Analysis -

An extensive Analysis of your current website will be performed by your SEO Advisor. During the Analysis your SEO Advisor will be reviewing your website’s programming, page content, Meta tags and download time. All necessary changes will be noted and depending on your package selection, these changes can be made by our professionals here at Mosaic or forwarded to your programmer for implementation.

Website Audit -

Your Website Audit is a complete and comprehensive review and audit of your entire web site from an SEO perspective. This extensive report will include the findings and recommendations of our advanced SEO team and engineering staff. Your marketing personnel and programming staff will be able to take this report and make adjustments as necessary to increase your overall search engine effectiveness.

Competitor Analysis -

It is important to know where you stand with your competitors. Remember we are talking about your website’s visibility. So, though ABC Inc may be your competitor in town XYZ Inc is your competitor online. Your SEO team will provide you with an analysis of your competitors as well as a comparison report. What are they doing that you’re not? What’s working for them and what isn’t?

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