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Mosaic Signage: Marketing Tip

Color psychology can play a very important role in signage. Whether you are re-designing your current business signage, or perhaps you are looking to purchase some temporary signs and banners to help promote an upcoming event. Do not overlook the importance of selecting the best colors to help convey your message to your audience.

Though there are a large number of factors that can influence a customer’s purchase decisions, a great deal is aided by visual clues, the most influential of which being color. Colors shape our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They can invoke as much as an 80 percent change in motivation when it comes to advertising, and marketing campaigns.

Although some colors have universal meaning, colors that attract shoppers in North America are different from those that attract shoppers in Asia. This short post will cover the 10 most popular colors used in advertising and marketing in North America and the effects they can have on influencing a decision.



  • Optimistic and youthful
  • Often used to grab attention of window shoppersyellow vette
  • Shows clarity

Personality / Emotions

  • Increases cheerfulness, warmth
  • Stimulated mental processes
  • Stimulates nervous system
  • Encourages communication



  • Increases heart rate
  • Used by restaurants to stimulate appetite
  • Creates urgency often seen in clearance sale banners

red heartPersonality / Emotions

  • Evokes strong emotions
  • Encourages appetite
  • Increases passion and intensity
  • Red roses symbolize love









blue trustMarketing

  • Often used in corporate business signage because it’s productive and non-invasive
  • Creates a sense of security and trust

Personality / Emotions

  • Associated with water / peace
  • Most preferred by men
  • Represents calmness or serenity
  • Increases productivity
  • Most used color for offices




  • Used to relax in stores
  • Associated with the wealthy
  • The easiest color for the eye to processgreen tranqulity

Personality / Emotions

  • Healthy & tranquility
  • Symbolizes money
  • Denotes nature
  • Alleviated depression
  • Represents new growth


orange call to action


  • Found in impulsive shoppers
  • Creates a strong call to action: Buy, Sell, Subscribe
  • Represents a friendly, cheerful brand
  • Creates a sense of affordability

Personality / Emotions

  • Reflects excitement, enthusiasm
  • Shows warmth
  • Warns of caution



pink female


  • A feminine color that conjures feelings of innocence and delicateness
  • Often used in logo’s and signage to add a feminine flair
  • Used to market products to women

Personality / Emotions

  • Nurturing and physically soothing
  • Positive
  • Femininity







  • Powerful and Sleek
  • Used to market luxury products
  • Boldness, simplicity

black sleekPersonality / Emotions

  • Sophistication
  • Glamor
  • Sense of security
  • Authoritative




  • Often used in beauty and anti-aging products
  • Used to soothe or calm
  • Represents a creative, imaginative brand
  • Implies royalty and sophistication

Personality / Emotions

  • Expensive
  • Regal
  • Nobility
  • Wealth





  • Often used in beauty and anti-aging products
  • Used to soothe or calm
  • Represents a creative, imaginative brandpurple calm
  • Implies royalty and sophistication

Personality / Emotions

  • Expensive
  • Regal
  • Nobility
  • Wealth




  • Brown indicates nature and utility
  • Imparts a sense of calmness

Personality / Emotionsbrown nature

  • Simplicity
  • Richness
  • Depth
  • Calmness




  • Neutral and cool
  • Often used in interior business signage
  • Works well with most colors

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