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More than 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt. With this many eyeballs on your message, driving business has never been easier.

 Text Message Marketing Services, SMS (Small Message Service)

Marketing is about finding the most effective way to reach out to current and potential customers. Social media is a popular outlet because it encourages a dialogue between your company and the public at large. But nowadays people are always on the move. They aren’t always in front of a computer, which creates the dilemma of how tsend-smso contact these people. What’s one thing you can count on a person always having with them? A cell phone, of course.

Text message marketing services are an effective way to alert your clients of upcoming deals, daily coupons and new products. Through the use of an opt-in form provided by a mobile marketing service, you can enable consumers to give their contact information so that you can open up a dialogue with them. Two-way communication is the key here, and when people willingly provide their contact information, odds are they’re going to act on the texts you send them.

It’s not enough that you are simply provided with a means of sending out massive amounts of text messages. Without measuring tools, there is no real way to see the effect of your messaging campaigns. An effective mobile marketing service should provide you with reporting tools that allow you to see where your text messages are going, the response they’re receiving and the communication it is sparking. For ideas on how to expand your mobile marketing efforts, check out Mosaic Marketing Services, call us 203-483-4598.

What to Look for in Text Message Marketing Services

Mobile marketing is a growing trend in the world of technology today. Consumers are always on the move, which makes it harder than ever to catch their attention with traditional marketing efforts like billboards, commercials and ads. SMS marketing offers the solution to this dilemma and enables you to moderate your marketing campaigns from the convenience of your computer. With these services you can not only manage contact lists, but track response rates, audience reach and a variety of other factors that will enable you to adapt and evolve your efforts to improve relations between your business and clients. These web services make it easier than ever to manage and launch your mobile marketing campaigns.


This is the bread and butter of text message marketing services. It’s not enough for the application to just send regular text messages en masse. You need a product that will encourage two-way communication, the type of dialogue that will keep your customers coming back for more. Important features you should consider for your mobile marketing strategies include auto-responders, polling and keywords. Each of these serves in creating a rapport with contacts and helps you to keep everyone abreast of any new deals or sales taking place at your store.

Marketing is effective only if you’re able to monitor and gauge results. Reporting tools enable you to track the details of the conversations you’re carrying with contacts. An effective mobile marketing service provides you with resources to track data like keyword responses, poll results and delivery rates. Sending text messages without the ability to track response and reach will only succeed in wasting text messages and running up your bills.

Ease of Use
Naturally, a mobile marketing service needs to be easy to use. The overall purpose of this application should be to make your life easier while at the same time increasing the reach and effectiveness of your marketing strategies. We have examined the best mobile marketing services to ensure that not only is the interface easy to comprehend, but that it is also highly navigable. It does a person little good when they can’t figure out how to send a message through the service.

Help & Support
While SMS marketing services tend to be easy and intuitive, there is still the chance you’ll encounter an issue or find yourself unable to create an effective campaign. Support should be available via phone, email and live chat to deal with any immediate needs you may have. But the best services will also provide online documentation and even video tutorials.

An effective SMS marketing solution should be able to achieve a balance in each of these areas. The focus of whichever product you choose shouldn’t just be on how many texts you can send out before you hit your monthly limit. Instead, you should focus on what your text messages will be able to accomplish with this service. The best text message marketing service will help you in this effort.

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